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How does SiD work?

SiD is a digital platform where students and other members of their educational institution have access to thousands of services available on campus.

Post a Job:
Simply post a job you need to get done and receive competitive bids from SiD Freelancers within minutes.

Communicate Easily:
Keep up with your SiD Freelancers using our Penkra live chat.

Finalize Agreement:
Finalize how and when services will be recieved

Easy Payment:
After agreement have been made, we make payment easy for you.

NOTE: SiD Freelancers are those who provide services to the users on our platform

Creating an Account

Creating an account is easy and free. Before you can post a job or become a SiD Freelancer you will need to create an account. To create an account:

1. Select Sign Up, from the SiD home page.

2. Enter your first name, last name, username and select Next.

a. Your user name should be different from your real name for discrete purposes
b. Your User name will be what everyone will see

3. Select you Sex, Date of Birth, enter your Phone Number and select Next.

4. Choose your institution, enter your email, select Send Code, then Enter code sent to your email and select Next.

NOTE: The code expires after 30 minutes

5. Choose and confirm your password then select Finish.

Posting a Job

After login in posting a job is easy. If you are in need of a service once you select Post a Job you will be able to select a category and sub category and add as much detail about what you need in the Message section. In posting a job clearly express what is it that you need. If you have a sample of what you want you can also upload it in the section title Extras. The use of keywords are important, so, use specific keywords in the Add Keywords section to find what you need.

How do I become an SiD Freelancer?

Becoming a SiD Freelancer with us is hassle free. Once you select Add a Skill you have the chance to personalize it to suit your needs by choosing the category and subcategory your skill best falls in. You can add an optional message for us to know a little more about your skill and also upload pictures, videos, etc. in the Extras section for us to see more about your skill. The use of keywords are important so, use specific keywords in the Keywords section which will allow users to find you when they are searching to get something done.

Viewing a Job

Viewing a job is easy, once you receive a job post in you email you will be able to view the job and all its details by clicking on the link titled Click to view jobIf you are interested login to accept.

Finding a posted job as an SiD Freelancer

We make it easy for you to know when a job is posted. Once the job matches your skill you will get an email with the job post. You will be able to view the job and if you are interested click Yes. You can also search for jobs available when you login to the website by going to JOBS on the main page.

Searching for an SiD

If you want to search for your SiD to post your job to directly you can do so from the home page. In the search bar titled Find your Ideal SiD you can type their username or the job they do to narrow the search of finding your SiD.

How much do I charge for my service?

With us you get to be your own boss so, you get to charge any amount you want for any jobs posted.

NOTE: We take a 10% fee from the amount you charge which allows us to operate our platform and provide you with constant support for all your customer service needs.

After Completion of a job

After you complete a job log back into the website and mark the job complete. This is very important because this is one of the ways we know the job has been completed and a requirement of you getting paid.

When do I get paid?

Once a job is complete after 24 hours you will receive your payment. All payments will be made through Cash App.

Have questions about the Job Post?

If you have any questions about jobs posted you can respond to the Job post email or send us an email directly at

How will clients know I have taken their job?

An email will be sent to clients and they will proceed to payment before service can be completed.

Which SiD Freelancer should I accept to do my job?

You are free to accept any amount of the SiD Freelancers you choose. You can check out their details and view their ratings and comments in helping you make the right decisions.

Can I choose the SID Freelancer that I want to do the Job?

If you want to choose someone specific to do the job you can search for the SiD Freelancer from the search bar on the home page.

Can I can Contact a SiD Freelancer before I post a job?

Yes you can.

Contacting SiD Freelancer

Before you make any payment you will be able to contact SiD Freelancer to finalize an agreement on how, where and when services will be received. Once you are logged into SiD you can contact SiD Freelancers by:

1. Using our Penkra Live Chat you can start a conversation with an SiD Freelancer once they are online. If they are not online, you can still send a message and they will receive it by email and reply to you when they are online.

How much do I pay for a service?

The amount you pay for a service depends on the agreement between you and your SiD Freelancer.

Payment process for service

After you post a Job and an agreement have been made with the SiD Freelancer then you can finalize by making your payment before service is received. Payments will be made through Cash App, a way you already trust and love.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

If after receiving a service and you are not satisfied with it, you will be able to rate that SiD Freelancer on our website. Depending on the nature of the situation you can contact us and we will find ways to make it right.

Satisfied with the service?

Leaving a feedback is important to us so, if you are satisfied with the service go ahead and rate the SiD Freelancer and leave a comment so others can see.

How will SiD Freelancers know that I posted a job?

After you post a job, specific SiD Freelancers will receive notifications with your job details. You will get competitive bids from different SiD Freelancers and you make a decision as to who you want to complete your job.

Using Keywords

Using keywords to find what you want is important, it is how you target specific SiD Freelancers.

What if no keywords matches when am posting a job?

If no keywords matches what you are posting that means there are no SiD Freelancers offering what you are looking for. To solve the issue you can change your keyword until it matches what you are looking for or contact us to find an SiD Freelancer for you

Requesting Specific SiD Freelancers

If you know someone previously did a job for you and you want them to do it again you can search for them by their username or by the job they do or you can search for them in the previous jobs done from your Dashboard. You can find the search bar on our Home Page.

Viewing Jobs I have posted

On the Dashboard after logging in you will see Find Jobs you’ve posted, select the button Show Me. All jobs you have posted will be displayed there.

What if I make a payment and not receive the service?

If you do not receive your service after payment have been make you will get a 100% refund, after review has been made.

My job has not been completed

If you made a payment and your job has not been completed it is important that you let us know within 24 hours after the job is indicated complete so, we can return your money or reach out to SiD Freelancer. If not payments will be made to SiD Freelancer. It is up to that SiD Freelancer to complete the service or give you back your money.

Giving Feedback

Giving a feedback is an important part of SiD platform. It is where customers and SiD Freelancers can give ratings or comments after a job has been completed. This allow users to see what others are saying. Our Feedback rating service is made up of a fiver star rating system (one being the lowest and five being the highest).

All comments and rating will the shown on the users profile page, and anyone can view this information when using our website.

Giving a feedback is optional.

How do I get in contact with SiD?

You can contact us via phone or email or using the Penkra live chat on our website. Click here to bring you to our contact us form.

Email Verification

The security of each account is very important to us. Verifying your account by your institution email is a standard measure to increase the level of account trust and security. Verifying your email is done when you are signing up.

What will be published to users?

Your username, gender, ratings, comments and the school you attend will be published to the users. All the other info like your legal name and phone number will not be accessible to other users.

How will you use my phone number?

We will use your phone number to send job posts, just incase you don’t want them in your email or if you want to receive job posts in both email and phone. We will also keep your phone number in case we need to contact you. For example, if there is a misunderstanding between you and the clients to resolve conflict.

Why do we have to use our school email?

We use your school email because SiD is only geared towards anyone within the educational institution who have access to their email account. This is important to make sure that you are a part of the institution to provide users with a sense of trust and security. Anyone without an email from their institution will not be able to verify their account and thus cannot use our services.

What happens if I want to change my email?

If you have another email address from your institution you are allowed to change the current one on your account. Once you make the changes you will get a verification code to verify your new email. However, it cannot be changed to any other extension that is not of your institution. If you want to add an additional email to receive job posts you can do so by clicking on My emails .

NOTE: Job post will be send to all emails

Can I use my friend email?

No. We do not recommend using any other email/s other than your own. This is to make sure that those who are signing up are actually part of the institution and to maintain trust and security amongst our members. We also do not recommend you giving your email to others outside of your institution to use.

Have more questions?

We are here to respond to any more questions you might have