We make it easy for everyone in any educational
institution to access or offer fast & reliable services .

About Us

Who are we? (SiD) is an online platform that connects thousands of students and others within their educational institution to cheap, fast and reliable services. Through our online platform, users can easily post a job and get it done, such as Walmart trips, maths assignments or even haircuts. It's easy to use and once you are a registered user you will have access to all the services we provide. For example posting a job or becoming a SiD worker where you provide the service to others. You can do both, it all depends on what you choose.

Within our educational institutions we have a lot of skilled and talented individuals, including those who can style hair, drivers, tutors, designers, programmers, etc. Why not utilize the services of those within you institution? We provide a platform for you to market your skills and get paid, by taking jobs posted.

Becoming a SiD Freelancer with us is hassle free and the greatest thing is, you are your own boss because you can customize the services you want to offer, choose your own prices for your service/s and accept any job at any time.

SiD Vision

Our vision is to make every student happy and their lives easier.

SiD Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for students to access/offer services in their college/university