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  • Categories

    The categories we offer

    Academic Assistance

    Essay Writing, Homework Help, Research Papers, Translation, Tutoring etc


    Advertising,Business Plan, Event Planner, Fund Raising, etc


    Choir, Dance Routine Creation, Dance Training,Event Dancer, Vocalist etc

    Fashion & Beauty

    Body Art, Fashion Design, Hair Cut, Hair Stylist, Jewelry, Makeup, Nails

    Graphics & Software

    Web & App Development, Business Card, Logo, Painting, Photography, Posters, etc

    Help and Repairs

    Cleaning, Device Repair, Vehicle Repair, Car Wash, Relocating etc


    Catering, Home Cooking, Nutritionist, Fitness& Workout


    Airport Trips, Driving Lesson, Errands, Ridesharing, Tour Guide, Car Renatls etc

    How it works?

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    Post a job you need to get done and receive competitive offers from SiD Freelancers within minutes.

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    Keep up with your SiD Freelancers using our Penkra live messenger.

    Finalize Agreement

    Finalize how and when services will be recieved through messaging.

    Easy Payment

    After agreement have been made, we make payment easy for you through stripe.

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